About Marshal Eye app

About Marshal Eye app

About Marshal Eye app

Communication is a key

When a fire alarms activate there is often an ‘information vacuum’, the designated Marshals/Wardens will be spread out. There are assumptions it may be a test the alarm might sounding will normally prompt people to seek more information before commencing an evacuation. The App will put everyone in touch instantly, this collaboration will allow for a much quicker response

Key app features

  • Tailored for your environment create
    your own tasks and roles
  • Instant comms across the fire
    response team
  • No more resilience problems, due to
    staff ‘opting in’ when a fire event starts
  • Access to information for each role
  • Exportable reporting after each
    fire alarm
  • Notification centre for all team members
  • Reporting of Issues
App Incident Screen

Live feed during an incident

The App will display who has adopted which roles or tasks that have been created for your site. This is further enhanced by the live messaging window which ‘time stamps’ every action, and every typed message from the team.

Never miss a task again

Fire is infrequent, so it is difficult to ensure complete competence across the fire team. Often tasks forgotten it might be something as simple as remembering to pick up the visitors log, or isolating a certain piece of machinery. We have built into the app facility to create actions for each area that need to be completed, you can upload a picture or add text to each action, it might be the PIN number for the fire panel.

Admin dashboard shown on laptop screeen
All Fire Marshals can communicate instantly through live messaging this will speed up and improve responses in buildings significantly. It is not can you afford it, you can’t afford not have it

G Pinder, Commercial Fire Trainer

Available tasks screen

Free to roam

Marshals are no longer tied to a certain area within the site or building, they are free to move around and leave the site due to the opting in approach. After each Fire Alarm activation or test, your nominated users will have an email report. The report will show how long it took for each task to be adopted and completed, creating great audit trails for compliance. There is also a report an issue functionality in the App to ensure the H&S dept can react to dangerous conditions.

Once you have registered for an account you can download the Marshal Eye app from the app store, take advantage of a free 30 day trial.

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