How did we get here?

How did we get here?

How did we get here?

Steve Wilcock joined Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service after five years in the Royal Navy, he progressed to the rank of Station Officer within seven years, working in an extremely busy district in Salford. He moved to the Fire Safety Legal and Technical Department at Fire Service Headquarters and it was during this time he was required to train Fire Safety Enforcement staff.

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Keynote speaker

Born for Training

In 2005 he moved on to an operational role at Bury Fire Station in North Manchester, it was during this tenure he was sought and was granted permission to deliver external training when off duty to the commercial sector in 2008. North West Fire Training Ltd has expanded with several instructors and to date has delivered to over 20,000 delegates.

Passionate about fire

Steve has been invited as a guest speaker at many events including IOSH and the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. He was asked to deliver a talk on Human Behaviour in Fire at Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Services’ commemorative event to mark 40 years since the multi-fatal Woolworths fire of 1979. He is known for his passion and delivery style.

A much needed innovation, fire response in buildings has not changed in decades but the world has, a great means to ensure you are resilient.

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A cutting-edge solution

Steve noticed throughout the years that increasingly there were issues around ensuring resilience within work environments for staff nominated for fire response duties including Marshals/Wardens, Fire Alarm Investigators etc. This was due to modern working patterns and became more enhanced after the Covid Pandemic. This played havoc with H&S managers trying to ensure they had enough cover to respond safely to a fire alarm. This was the catalyst for the birth of the Marshal Eye.

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May I introduce - The Marshal Eye app

The Marshal Eye is an app based solution to providing resilience. Rather than having nominated staff responsible for an area, we have flipped it around. When a fire alarm activates any staff who are appointed and onsite will open up the Marshal eye on their phone, and all the incident tasks will be displayed for them to claim.

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