Providing resilience to your fire response team

No longer do flexible shift patterns undermine your fire strategy, staff can now claim an area or role through the App when a fire event starts.

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Eye spy with my Marshal Eye

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Providing a live stream hub so everyone on the team can communicate during an event to ensure it is managed seamlessly. Watch our short introductory video on how the Marshal Eye will give you peace of mind.

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Once you have registered for an account you can download the Marshal Eye app from the app store.

As a school, our staff move from building to building, over a complex site, throughout the day. Having the ability to connect with everyone in the event of a fire alarm has been a game changer for us. We can now communicate in real time, confidently sweep defined areas and conclude incidents in a timely and coordinated manner. When it comes to fire safety Marshal Eye is paramount!

Virgina Parkes - Beech Hall School, Macclesfield

Virgina Parkes - Beech Hall School, Macclesfield

Manage your team, lead incidents export your report

When a fire alarm starts ringing there is often an information vacuum, confusion as whether it is real event the Fire Marshal Eye provides an instant communication to allow the correct response instantly

  • Create your own Sweep Areas in the dashboard
  • Create Tasks and Roles for your building
  • Your staff will claim roles at the point of a Fire Alarm activation
  • Instant live messaging for the Fire Response Team
  • Time Stamping for every task climbed and completed
  • Exportable PDF for your records
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Peace of mind is worth every penny

Resilience is key to getting it right, no matter what time a fire event happens your staff will have access to all the information required to ensure the incident runs smoothly, you can create tasks for completion, whether it is picking up the visitors log or isolating some machinery, or providing information such as the PIN number for the Fire Panel Marshal Eye is free for 30 days you have nothing to lose